How do I build my first homepage with GitHub Pages and Gatsby
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As a developer in Microsoft, I write a lot of codes, and I have a lot of GitHub projects. But I never built a home page for myself. I used GitHub, Linkedin, and medium, and I want a space for me to combine them together to share myself. Here are several high level features I came up:

  • Blogs. Where I can share the problems and solutions I hit.
  • GitHub Projects. Where I made a introduction to the collection of my projects.
  • Profile. A short introduction to myself.
  • Customization. I want the visual and layout be fully controlled by myself.
  • Issue 1 — Shadowing doesn’t work very well
Remove Contact
Remove Contact
import CustomFonts from "@wkocjan/gatsby-theme-intro/src/components/custom-fonts/custom-fonts"
Spacing issue in blogs
bad spacing after mixing two plugs in the same project
  • If multiple plugins are consolidated into the same project, pay attention to the css technoledge they are using. TailwindCSS, bootstrap and other style framework may conflicts with each other.
  • Gatsby provides thousands of plugins. To save my time, I always skip the plugin which doesn’t have demo link.
  • Pay attention to plugin name like @wkocjan/gatsby-theme-intro which have two lays. Shadowing may not work. (My statement may not be true, try shadow a simple component before you adopt it)



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Canhua Li

Canhua Li

Senior Software Engineer — Microsoft